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Changes Coming to DadsPipes

Hi everyone,! There are quite a few announcements this week, but first let me wish a belated Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there. I hope everyone had a great day. My Fathers Day involved lots of laughter, stories and a new Peterson in the rack – absolutely no complaints around here!

Some of you might also have noticed my new avatar on the site. This is a bit of custom artwork starring our recent SPCA rescue doggo, Teddy, that my wife commissioned as a Fathers Day gift.


Fathers Day was a tipping point of sorts for us here. For our younger daughter, it means being neck-deep in the last week of her junior year of high school, complete with the requisite final assignments and exams, while our older girl heads to CFB Meaford this week for five weeks of military training. Change is in the air!

The end of June also signals the rapidly-accelerating timetable for our upcoming relocation- that’s right, DadsPipes is on the move! After twenty-four years in Kitchener, we are jumping ship and moving to the village of St George, a trip of about an hour south, near the city of Brantford, ON.


We’re excited for the move – new town, new house, new neighbours, and, eventually, a new pipe workshop for DadsPipes. For readers of the DadsPipes blog, the move should be seamless. Repair and restoration clients may, however, feel more of an impact, as I will need to close up shop for the month of August to pack, move and unpack all the bits and pieces of pipe paraphernalia that let the restorations happen.

On that note, if you are looking to send in a pipe or two for work this summer, please consider sending it NOW. Pipes received for work before July 1st will be in a good position to be repaired and mailed home to you before I pack up the shop at the end of next month. Any pipes received after the end of the first week of July risk being packed up with the rest of the kit, delaying their return to you until September, so please plan accordingly.

The DadsPipes Store will also be closed for this period, so if you’ve been eyeing a pipe for sale, save me a bit of packing and I’ll save you 10% with Coupon Code MOVING18. Sale is in effect now through July 15, 2018!

That’s it for this week, friends. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll come back next Friday for a new estate pipe restoration. Until then, Happy Piping!




6 thoughts on “Changes Coming to DadsPipes”

    1. Thanks Dal. It’s a fairly all-consuming venture at this point as we cull the herd of “stuff” we’ve accumulated over the years, pack the rest and coordinate the actual move. Oh – and live our daily lives at the same time! 😁


      1. I’ve done that many times with our 5 kids, cat, dog and much stuff. Be thankful you’re not moving across the ocean – that’s even more exciting. Hang it there!

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  1. Charles. Good to hear you’re coming down my direction to st George (near Brantford). We should get together when you get settled for a bowl.


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