Back in the Saddle – Sort of.

Hello, everyone! We have more or less successfully survived our move  – sifting, packing and unpacking 25 years worth of stuff does not come without at least a few headaches – and I’m happy to report that I’ve got my new office set up and hope to get back to posting restorations again soon. Setting up the worktable and ancillary equipment will take some doing … Continue reading Back in the Saddle – Sort of.

Changes Coming to DadsPipes

Hi everyone,! There are quite a few announcements this week, but first let me wish a belated Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there. I hope everyone had a great day. My Fathers Day involved lots of laughter, stories and a new Peterson in the rack – absolutely no complaints around here! Some of you might also have noticed my new avatar on … Continue reading Changes Coming to DadsPipes

Fathers Day Sale at the DadsPipes Store

With Mothers Day come and gone, it’s time to switch gears and find something for Dad! Why not a beautifully restored estate pipe from the DadsPipes Store? Each pipe has been meticulously cleaned, sanitized, deodorized and restored to as close to new condition as possible, and will come with a microfibre pipe sock if the original sock is not available. To help you secure the … Continue reading Fathers Day Sale at the DadsPipes Store

Estate Pipes Starter Kits – New at the DadsPipes Store!

What’s a compulsive pipe restorer to do with all those functional but not quite collectible pipes? If you think like me, the obvious answer is the new Estate Pipe Starter Kits now available on the DadsPipes Store! Starter Kits come with your choice of Straight or Bent Briar Estate Pipe,  a soft fabric Pipe Sock, a Pipe Stand, a Three Way Pipe Tool and even … Continue reading Estate Pipes Starter Kits – New at the DadsPipes Store!

It’s DadsPipes First Anniversary!

Hi everyone! It was a little over twelve months ago that I uploaded the very first post to DadsPipes, which has proven to be the Little Blog That Could. Since then it has racked up 120 posts (this one is #121) and over 35,000 views! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read the blog, post comments and feedback, and share their … Continue reading It’s DadsPipes First Anniversary!