DadsPipes is Now Your Authorized Brigham Repair Centre

For over one hundred years, Brigham has produced quality smoking pipes at a range of prices to suit the needs of every pipe lover, and as regular visitors to the site will know, I am a huge long-time fan of Toronto-based company. I have authored several articles on classic Brigham pipes, including a Shape Chart… Continue reading DadsPipes is Now Your Authorized Brigham Repair Centre


Changes to Estate Pipe Sales

They say that the only constant in life is change, and that holds true here at DadsPipes as much as it does everywhere else. When I launched this site almost eight years ago, the sale of restored estate pipes was a much more prominent part of daily business. Over time, however, the balance has shifted… Continue reading Changes to Estate Pipe Sales

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Merry Christmas from DadsPipes

It's that time of year again, with all the wonder, joy, kindness, caring, stress, anxiety, loneliness and yes, even loss that comes with it. Moreover, it is another COVID Christmas, which adds another, less welcome, dimension to the 2021 Holiday season. Here at DadsPipes, as in many places across Canada and around the world, local… Continue reading Merry Christmas from DadsPipes