Welcome to DadsPipes.com, where we explore and celebrate the repair and restoration of all kinds of smoking pipes made from briar, meerschaum, corncob and other materials.

On the Blog page you’ll find posts on pipe restoration projects from simple care and maintenance through more involved repairs like shank banding, stem replacement and crack repair.

As you might imagine, writing regular blog posts means lots of restored estate pipes, many of which are available for purchase on the Pipe Inventory pages. Estate pipes are a great way to fill your rack and expand your rotation or collection with quality pieces at pre-owned prices.

For those not wanting to take on their own repairs, complete repair and restoration services are available for clients in Canada and worldwide.

Legal Stuff: All information, methods and techniques are offered freely to the pipe community for individual use. As with all skilled activities, pipe repair and restoration takes practice and patience. Those new to the hobby are encouraged to take their time and master the basics before tackling major repairs.