New DadsPipes Store!

Hi folks,

I am happy to announce the opening of the Official DadsPipes Estate Pipe Store right here on the InterWeb! I can’t possibly smoke every pipe I refurbish, so I’m making them available to you.

I’ll be adding pipes to the catalog as I have them ready, so check in regularly to see what’s new. If you’re looking for a specific pipe or style of pipe and don’t see one in the store, please drop me a line to ask. Also feel free to make an offer if you see a pipe you like but wonder about the price.

The new WordPress rules (as of March) do not allow embedding an e-commerce site inside a lowly entry-level blog such as mine, so you’ll have to go down the hall a bit to find the store (second door on the left). No sore feet, though, as the glory of the internet transports you instantly with the touch of a button – just click the link below or the matching assemblage of bits on the Pipes for Sale page to browse the shop!


Click the logo to visit

dadspipes store logo



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