DadsPipes is Now Your Authorized Brigham Repair Centre

For over one hundred years, Brigham has produced quality smoking pipes at a range of prices to suit the needs of every pipe lover, and as regular visitors to the site will know, I am a huge long-time fan of Toronto-based company. I have authored several articles on classic Brigham pipes, including a Shape Chart and a guide to identifying your vintage Brigham, and have a book on the history of Brigham pipes in the works.

With such a deep personal history with the brand, I am very pleased to announce that DadsPipes has become an authorized Brigham repair centre! With expanded access to factory parts, DadsPipes is now your one-stop shop for repairs to all Brigham pipes, from early Canadian-made Patent and Non-Patent pipes to the latest Brigham limited series Pipe of the Year.

If you have a Brigham pipe in your rack, rotation or collection that could use a little love, contact me today for a no-obligation quote!


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