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Refreshing a Petite Brigham 605 Dublin

Like many other pipe makers, Brigham started its lineup with the most popular pipe shapes. Shapes 01 through 04 in the Brigham Shape Chart are Billiards, from small to large, and the next three shapes, 05, 06 & 07 are Dublins. This pipe on the worktable today is the smallest Dublin offered in the classic… Continue reading Refreshing a Petite Brigham 605 Dublin

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Rehabilitating Another Pre-Republic Peterson Shamrock

A few weeks ago I wrote about restoring a Pre-Republic Peterson Shamrock Canadian; I acquired this Shape 120 Dublin at the same time. This Shamrock was in about the same shape as its brother had been before I worked on it - dirty, with a heavily oxidized P-lip stem and a thick crust of lava… Continue reading Rehabilitating Another Pre-Republic Peterson Shamrock