A New Stem for a Brigham 4W5 Freehand

The pipe on the worktable today is a good example of how Brigham made good use of old stock left over from discontinued product lines. I think this practice was very much in line with Herb Brigham's penchant for tinkering with pipe shapes and his son Michael's focus on efficiency and cost-savings in the 1980s.… Continue reading A New Stem for a Brigham 4W5 Freehand

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Reviving a Brigham Norseman Egg

The Norseman series of "Scandinavian-inspired" freehand shapes was introduced to the Brigham lineup in the 1960s during the Danish Freehand craze and continued production until roughly 1980. The rusticated Norseman pipes were available in six shapes, stamped as 9W2 through 9W7. The first two shapes, 9W2 and 9W3, were the same Egg shape in two… Continue reading Reviving a Brigham Norseman Egg