DadsPipes COVID-19 Update

The Province of Ontario, , like many other jurisdictions worldwide, has declared a State of Emergency in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

I am still accepting pipe repairs and restorations through this period, though I am taking extra precautions to limit social exposure, including limiting my runs to the Post Office.

To ensure that your pipe repair is completed as quickly as possible, please email me to let me know when a parcel is sent my way and include the tracking number if possible. I will track delivery of your pipe and schedule a pickup appropriately.

As it has been shown that the COVID-19 virus can survive longer on non-porous surfaces, I will be discontinuing the use of bubble wrap in favour of alternative packing materials like shredded paper. Rest assured that your pipe will still be securely packed to ensure a safe journey home,

Lastly, I’d like to take the opportunity to encourage everyone to follow the direction of your local health authority regarding hand-washing, surface sanitizing, and social isolation in these uncertain times.

Stay safe, stay healthy, look after one another and try to enjoy the opportunity to pack an extra bowl or two if you can. We’ll get through this together.