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Tobacco Review – Savinelli Brunello Flake

 – Originally posted on Confessions of a Pipe Smoker.

011-551-0007“An impeccably structured blend. Featuring a foundation of sweet, tangy Virginias and cool burning Burleys, a dash of Macedonian leaf is added to round out the mixture and add a hint of the exotic. The different leafs are then aged as one, in order to marry and harmonize flavor, prior to being pressed into a tantalizing flake.” – Savinelli

On a very personal level, Brunello Flake is one of my favorite tobaccos.  From every angle, this blend is just sublime.  Every single puff of this Italian tobacco is laced with the flavor it was infused with.

When I was finally able to light up this blend, I was transported to a fantasy land of decadency.  If you enjoy sitting back, filling up a glass of bourbon, and pulling out one of your favorite pipes, then this blend is perfect for you as well.  Read through this blog, then order your own tin of Brunello flake, and decide if you like it as much as I do.

First Impression

First and foremost, there are two practical aspects to this blend that I just can’t ignore: 1) in most cases this blend is only sold in a 100g tin, and 2) for an imported flake, this is a very affordable tin that any smoker can afford.

This pressed tobacco is made up of a few different components, or a least these are the leafs they have decided to acknowledge in the description.  The main component is a bright Virginia leaf, one that has an uncanny citrus flavor.  The next leaf is a cool burning Burley tobacco, one that is key to keeping this flavor intense when let.  And lastly Macedonian leaf is put in to add just the touch of exotic flavor every top-notch tobacco needs.

When you pop the tin, you are hit in the face with a sweet, tangy, and citrus smell.  The tobacco is one of the most structured and well made flakes I have ever seen.  A perfect moisture level, thick diameter, and easily rubbed out, you will be hard pressed to find a better flake.

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