A Shank Band and a New Look for a Jeantet Leather-Clad Scoop

This French-made Jeantet leather-clad Scoop came to me in an estate lot I bought last summer. At first glance the pipe appeared to be in good shape, requiring only a light cleaning to make it ready for a new pipe steward. First glances, however, are sometimes not as accurate as we would like. This series… Continue reading A Shank Band and a New Look for a Jeantet Leather-Clad Scoop

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Another nice find at the ‘Hole in the Wall’ – Jeantet Fleuron 70-7

Dal has provided a great history of pipemaking in St Claude, France here. A post worth bookmarking, and a pipe restoration to be proud of. Thanks for posting, Dal!


Blog by Dal Stanton

The Jeantet Fleuron before me was mentioned when I posted the restoration of a beautiful BBB Banker Bent Volcano.  I found both pipes last April, during a visit to ‘The Hole in the Wall’ antique store near the Zhenski Pazar (Women’s Market) in downtown Sofia, Bulgaria.  In order to achieve a better bargain for the BBB Banker I grabbed the Jeantet out of the basket as a good candidate for a bundled deal, which helped me negotiate 30 Bulgarian Leva for the pair – not a bad deal!  When I arrived home from the Hole in the Wall I took these pictures:dal1dal2dal3dal4dal5dal6dal7dal8The bent egg shape is in pretty good condition with an attractive elongated bowl that fits well in the hand.  The left side of the shank is marked with Jeantet (pronounced, ‘Zhawn-Te’) over Fleuron and on the right what I assume is the…

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