Everything Old is New Again

I’m sneaking in a mid-week post this week. I just couldn’t wait to share this one!

It’s not every day that a self-identified pipe geek like me gets to contribute to a new series by their favourite pipe maker, so when I was approached by the folks at Brigham about just such a project, I was more than happy to help!

About six months ago I sent off five vintage Brigham pipes from my collection for use as templates for the just-released Brigham Tundra series. About half of the 13 shapes in the series are classic Brigham pipe shapes that have been missing from the lineup for two decades, including the Shape 22 Poker , the Shape 87 Dublin and a reworked-to-original-specs Shape 63 Bent Pear Sitter.

Today my borrowed pipes came home. Many thanks to everyone at Brigham who took such good care of them during their trip to Italy and back! Also tucked into the box was a new Tundra series Shape 26 Bulldog, which is, apart from the new (and gorgeous) walnut-ish brown blast and brass accents, a dead ringer for the 1980s-vintage Brigham 526 that was part of the group of pipes I loaned out.

Here are the two Bulldogs side by side. Spot on!

I’m very happy to see a “proper” Bulldog restored to the Brigham lineup and, besides being quite impressed by the updated finish, I’m a bit tickled to know that I played a (very small) part in its reintroduction.

If you have also been missing some of the classic Brigham pipe shapes in your hunt for a new pipe, check out the Tundra series. Officially released on July 5th, these lovely new pipes should be hitting the shelves very soon!

And because I know that one pic is never enough, here are some more shots of the new Tundra Bulldog.

Until next time, Happy Piping!


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  1. That is a fine sandblast. The beveled rim is a nice touch. It’s very cool you got to participate and how it all worked out Charles. The restored pipe is excellent as well. Good work.

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  2. A complete overview of Brigham pipes should include pipes of the year. Perhaps this could be tried. I cannot find any info on this. Thanks . james strathy

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