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Two Years, Two Hundred Posts and the Power of Online Communities

Time flies when you’re having fun!

Two years and two hundred posts ago, I started this little pipe blog called DadsPipes as a personal project to record the clean-up of my father’s modest collection of pipes. I figured if anyone read it, great! And if not, no harm done.

Well, people DID read it, and kept reading it, and I’m very grateful that they did. People not only read what I posted but also contributed comments and shared pipe stories of their own. Several of my posts seem to have struck a chord in this small but enthusiastic global community of pipe smokers and collectors; these posts continue to attract readers daily and these readers generally hang around a bit to see what else might be posted here that may be worth a read. A big highlight of the last year was having my article “Brigham Pipes – A Closer Look at Dots, Dates and Markings” published on Pipedia.org where many more pipers could and did find it.

Because of the strong and continuing support of pipers around the world, I have had the opportunity to connect with people I may never otherwise have met – fellow restorers and collectors, pipe retailers (both new and estate) near me here in Ontario and across Canada and the USA, individual pipe craftsmen and people who work for large pipe manufacturers. Great people everywhere who all enjoy the history, tradition and simple pleasure of a good pipe filled with quality tobacco.

I’ve also had the very great pleasure of sending my restored pipes to pipe smokers literally around the world. DadsPipes estate pipes have been shipped across Canada, coast to coast to coast, all parts of the USA, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Denmark, German, Southeast Asia, Japan and more! My thanks to everyone who has purchased one of my restorations or directed a fellow piper to the DadsPipes Store.

Looking forward, the next year of this Little Blog that Could is looking good- I hope to publish the initial version of the Brigham Pipes Shape Chart in the next few months, and I’ve been busy behind the scenes accumulating some interesting estate pipes to restore, showcase here on DadsPipes and list on the DadsPipes Store.

Many many thanks to all of you –  readers, buyers, smokers, collectors and clients alike – for taking the time to stop by and see what’s new here on DadsPipes each week, and for sharing your knowledge, experiences and stories with me while you do. I have learned so much over the past two years and I look forward to learning more as we continue the piper’s journey together.

Until next time, Happy Piping!


9 thoughts on “Two Years, Two Hundred Posts and the Power of Online Communities”

    1. Thanks Steve, though I think a lot of the success of DadsPipes is directly correlated to what you do at Reborn Pipes. You put estate pipes on the map for the rest of us!


  1. Charles, I’ve learned much from your posts and look forward to continuing to enjoy them. I think all of us who receive your posts realize how much effort you and others like Troy W. and Brothers Reborn and Dal devote to this revered hobby. Your loyal reader.

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