Hi everyone. I thought I’d post a quick note to explain the shortage of restorations so far in 2017. 

There are lots of pipes waiting in my box, and renovations to DadsPipes Central have almost finished; so far so good. I am not, however, at home. 

As I type this on my smartphone, I am marking Day 10 in hospital following some rather complicated emergency surgery to my heart and esophagus. Apparently these parts aren’t supposed to have holes in them!

I am hoping to be home by this coming weekend, but we are taking it one day at a time. Restorations will start back up as soon as I can manage the work; there are some interesting pipes in the box, so hopefully the wait will be worth it! 

Thanks as always for your continued support of the things I do at DadsPipes; this little blog has grown much more quickly than I had imagined possible, a success due in no small measure to the quality if its readership.

Until next time, Happy Piping!