Patching A Bite Through

Tim has written a great, easy to follow tutorial on stem repairs here. I use basically the same method when dealing with damaged stems,and wanted to share Tim’s write-up here.


Things have been crazy busy around here the past month, its a little calmer now so I have some time to put up a few posts. Last week A friend messaged me to put together a quick tutorial on stem repair, specifically patching a bite through hole at the bit end. I’ve been re-stemming most pipes so I had a few that would fit the bill. I focused on the patch repair and not so much on the entire stem as I said its out of the junk box so the stem is far from done but I think what lies below will help. Sorry it took so long to put up.


Before getting started I cleaned the stem inside and out with EverClear, pipe cleaners and makeup pads.


Next I roughed up the area to be repaired with a flat needle file and 220 grit sandpaper, cleaning the area once…

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