Why YOU Should Do Tobacco Reviews 

For those of you wanting to take a more scientific or deliberate approach to your tobacco tastings and reviews, this article walks you through the basics and even provides a tasting notes sheet to get you started. Enjoy!

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With literally thousands of tobacco reviews online why in the world would I say you should do them? Well, that’s actually a very good question, one I hope to give you some good reasons to at least consider trying it yourself.

Tastes Are Subjective

Your tastes and mine – and the hundreds thousands of other pipers out there – are very different. While you may find some that are close, even very similar, no one else will taste exactly what you taste in a blend. We each pick up different nuances in the diverse tobaccos we smoke. But some of us have more refined – or less sensitive – palettes than others. There are flavors and tastes others describe in a blend I have smoked that I have never once picked up on; I’m sure you can identify with this.

Our Pipe Collections Are Different

We all own different pipes:…

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