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Refreshing a Pioneer Block Meerschaum Bent Dublin

One of the many benefits of belonging to a pipe club is the access membership provides to other pipe collections and tobacco cellars; this was demonstrated for me last November when the Briars & Bull Pipe Club here in Kitchener, ON held a Swap Meet during our monthly Smoker. Folks brought in pipes and tobacco… Continue reading Refreshing a Pioneer Block Meerschaum Bent Dublin

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African Meerschaum Poker Churchwarden Conversion

I picked up this meerschaum Poker on eBay from a fellow Canadian seller. I like to buy “local” pipes where possible for the glimpse it gives me of pipe history in towns and cities across the country. It’s also nice to deal in domestic currency every now and again! The stummel, which was in very… Continue reading African Meerschaum Poker Churchwarden Conversion