Merry Christmas, Everyone, and a New Pipe Made More Special by a Simple Gesture

A quick note to wish everyone the very best of this Holiday Season, however and wherever you are celebrating! This time of year can be very demanding; I hope you get the chance to settle in with a good pipe somewhere along your journey.

Personally, I will be packing the bowl of this lovely 1970’s vintage Brigham Valhalla BV5 with something tasty this year. I have several of the rusticated Norseman versions of these Brigham “Scandinavian-inspired” designs, but this is my first Valhalla, a bit of a gift to myself for getting through a particularly challenging twelve months.


I found the pipe on eBay some time ago, actually, and when it completed its somewhat tortuous journey north from Texas to Ontario, I was quite excited to open the box and have my first look at it.

The pipe is everything I had hoped it would be – well carved, nicely grained, complete and original in every way, and beautifully cleaned and polished. There was nothing I needed to do to make it smoke-ready, but more exciting than this was the note I found tucked into the box with the pipe. It reads:

I must say, I’m a fan of DadsPipes. I’m so proud my pipe caught your attention! Enjoy! – Jill H.

I read that short note over several times as I pondered the power of modern communications to connect geographically diverse people with shared interests. I’m very happy to meet another member of the awesome DadsPipes global family.

Thanks Jill. Your note made my day.

Merry Christmas, everyone!