A Very Nice Birthday Surprise from Pipedia.org

I celebrated my 45th birthday yesterday with family and friends. It was a great day, made even better by an email I received just as dinner was coming to an end.

Scott Thile at Pipedia.org contacted me with a request to reproduce some of my posts here on DadsPipes as articles on the Pipedia wiki. That was an unexpected birthday surprise! I could think of no better acknowledgement of my work than to have it added to the library of pipe lore at Pipedia.org.

I am delighted to share with you that as of this morning, my article entitled “Brigham Pipes -A Closer Look at Dots, Dates and Markings“, originally posted here,  has been reproduced in full here on the Pipedia site.

I’m honoured to have this bit of research recognized in such a public way and I hope its wider availability benefits other Brigham pipe fans, collectors, historians and the larger piping community as a whole.

While the modern political climate is decidedly anti-tobacco, the internet allows enthusiasts like me to share the fruits of their labours with other like-minded people worldwide. Pipedia.org has become a go-to online resource for me while restoring estate pipes and researching their histories. I am both proud and humbled to have my work included in their catalog.

– Charles










13 thoughts on “A Very Nice Birthday Surprise from Pipedia.org

  1. Happy birthday and congratulations Charles. Like I said when I first saw your bringham post it was by far the most informative article that I have ever seen. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you, see you at the next meeting.

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