Restoring a Westbrook 36 – A Long & Detailed Explanation for New Refurbishers

This is a reblog of a repost of a step-by-step pipe refurbishing tutorial by Troy Wilburn I found on RebornPipes.com. I had an idea of writing my own refurbishing overview, but Troy covers the basics very nicely indeed, so why reinvent the wheel? – Charles


Blog by Troy Wilburn

Troy originally wrote this simple step by step methodology for refurbishing pipes for the Dr. Grabow Collectors Forum. Troy’s method is straight forward and he gives great photos to help along the way. I thought it might be helpful for those who are just starting in this hobby of ours. It also may give pause for thought to us who have been doing this for a long time. I firmly believe that there is always something new to be learned from each other as we work to restore old pipes and give them new life. Thanks Troy for this great how to piece. – Steve

I’ve had a few PMs by the newer member asking questions on refurbishing pipes. So I decided to make a more detailed way of what I do on refurbing pipes. Now this is what I prefer and what works for ME…

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    1. You’re very welcome, Troy. I like the simplicity and straightforward, no nonsense approach to pipe refurbishment you outlined in your article. No magic here, just patience and a few simple tools!


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