Pipe Inventory

The pipes listed here are surplus inventory left over from the closure of the DadsPipes Store or from my personal collection. Unless otherwise stated, all are clean, restored and ready to enjoy.

When these pipes are gone, they’re gone, so if something catches your eye, please contact me to work out the details.

Don’t see the pipe you’re after? Contact me to inquire!

Please Note: Shipping cost is NOT included in the prices below. Please contact me for a quote. I ship worldwide at actual cost via Canada Post. Insurance is available at buyer’s discretion.

Available Pipes & Accessories

1930’s John’s Silver Mount 433 Dublin by Comoy’s

Freshly restored and ready to provide another 90 years of service to a new piper, this John’s Silver Mount 433 Dublin by Comoy’s is as elegant a pipe shape as they come. Gently flared bowl walls, round pencil shank and a Sterling silver band come together to make a simple yet classy pipe as only Comoy’s could make them.

This pipe is stamped “JOHN’S ” over “SILVER MOUNT” on the left flank, and “JOHN”S PIPE SHOP, LOS ANGELES” and “433” on the right flank. The underside of the shank is marked with a circular “MADE IN ENGLAND” stamp that dates most likely from the 1930’s but could be 20 years older. All stamps are faded but readable. $70CAD 


Peterson Shamrock 263 P-Lip Canadian  SOLD



Wally Frank Ltd French Longpipe  SOLD




Elliot Nachwalter Briar Workshop Florida Freehand Horn  SOLD 



Early 20th Century Grundel Special Canadian 

Dating no later than the mid-1920’s, this handsome Canadian shaped pipe was produced by either Emil or Christian Grundel, for their shop in San Francisco, California, USA. Marked simply “Grundel” over “Special” on top of the oval shank, this pipe features a Bakelite stem with orofic opening and threaded aluminum tenon.

As with many older pipes, this early 20th-Century briar is smaller than modern pipes, measuring 5-3/4″ long with a 1-1/2″ tall by 1-1/8″ wide bowl. The 11/16″ chamber bore is perfect for those that prefer shorter smokes. $60CAD



Vintage Four Pipe Rack with Space for Humidor

Here is a nicely made four-pipe rack with space for tobacco jar/humidor. Made by Montgomery Woodworking, Uxbridge, Ontario, probably circa 1970s. In clean, but otherwise as-found condition, Could use some new felt. $15CAD




Vintage Walnut Decatur Industries Six Pipe Rack with Space for Humidor SOLD


Seville Convertible Bent Billiard for Racine & Laramie  SOLD


Chacom Auteuil Canadian with Case

This handsome Canadian shaped pipe is made by Chacom (Chapuis-Comoy) on France. Marked “Chacom” over “Auteuil” on top of the oval shank. Shape number “296” is hiding under the nickel shank repair band. Stem fits well and has the original stinger attached. This pipe had a crack in the front of the bowl, which has been pinned and refinished. Comes with a soft leather case with snap closure. $45CAD 


Cased Long Billiard Made in Czechoslovakia

Here is an elegant pipe that would make a great first briar or addition to an existing rack and rotation. One of my earlier restorations, this pipe was originally faintly marked “Bruyere Guarantie” and “Made in Czechoslovakia”, though the stamps are now all but gone. The included hard case, marked “Real Brighton Briar” fits the pipe very well. $40CAD


Early 20th Century Meerschaum & Bakelite Billiard

The Bakelite stem with round orifice opening date this meerschaum billiard to sometime between 1907 when Bakelite was invented and the mid 1920s when the slot-style opening was adopted. I have cleaned and waxed the meer, fitted a nickel repair band at the shank and converted the stem to a push tenon, replacing the original but damaged bone screw tenon. No case with this meer, unfortunately, but it will be packed well to arrive ready to enjoy. $55CAD



Peter Stokkebye 911 Straight Volcano  SOLD