Pipe Inventory

The items listed here are mainly pipes I’ve restored for the blog, though some are from my personal collection. Unless otherwise stated, all are clean, restored and ready to enjoy. When these pipes are gone, they’re gone, so if something catches your eye, please act quickly claim your pipe.


And Now On To The Pipes!

Castello Old Antiquari KKKK 97 Oom Paul

Here is a stunning Hand Made Oom Paul full bent pipe from Castello. The Old Antiquari sandblasted finish perfectly highlights the briar's 360-degree ring grain, dressed in a dark Walnut stain. The KKKK designation makes this one of the larger Castello offerings, measuring just under 6 inches from the front lower edge of the bowl to the end of the acrylic stem. The bowl measures a solid 2-1/2 inches tall and 1-3/8 inches wide. The chamber bore measures 13/16ths of an inch in diameter. This pipe is a perfect statement piece for the discerning pipe smoker.


Castello “Castello” G Bent Billiard

The "Castello" line ranks right up there, second only to Castello's Collection line in the Smooth pipes. The G stamp indicates a Giant size, making this Bent Billiard a real handful of briar! The pipe measures a relatively standard 5-1/2 inches in length, but the bowl is a whopper at 2-1/4 inches tall and 1-1/2 inches wide. The chamber bore is 7/8 inches in diameter and just shy of 2 inches deep. Despite its size, the pipe is nicely balanced in the hand and certainly has the capacity for a nice long, relaxing smoke. The briar is a rather pretty mix of cross-grain, quilting and a touch of Birdseye in a handsome natural finish. The acrylic stem will never oxidize or become bitter in the mouth and I quite like the Castello button, which is slightly concave on the end for comfort.


Castello Natural Vergin G 65 Bent Billiard

Here is another Italian beauty! This Natural Vergin G 65 Bent Billiard comes from Castello's top-tiered rusticated line and as the name implies, features natural, unstained briar in all its glory, which will darken with time and use. A G-sized (Giant) pipe, this Bent Billiard tips the scales at 2.8 ounces and measures 6 inches from the bottom of the bowl to the end of the stem. The bowl itself stands 2-1/4 inches tall and 1-1/2 inches wide. The chamber bore is 7/8 inches in diameter and just shy of 2 inches deep. The chamber walls are a solid 3/8 inch wide, and the smooth rim displays some very nice cross-grain. The original hand made acrylic stem is flawless.


Castello Old Antiquari KKKK Saddle Billiard with Fumee finish

This is an interesting pipe. Coming from Castello's top Sandblasted series of Old Antiquari pipes, this Saddle Billiard features a Fumee finish more commonly seen on meerschaum pipes. Smaller than Castello's G size, this KKKK measures 5-3/4" ling with a bowl height of 1-7/8 inches and a width of 1-3/8 inches. The chamber bore is 13/16ths of an inch in diameter and approximately 1-1/8 inch deep. Reamed, cleaned and sanitized, this Castello Old Antiquari Saddle Billiard is ready to go!


Castello Old Antiquari KKKK 1/8th Bent Billiard

I've labelled this hand-made Italian beauty as a 1/8th-Bent Billiard despite its somewhat unique shape. While the rear line of the bowl is straight, the front of the bowl is slightly concave, giving the pipe a hint of Dublin DNA. Whatever you call it, it's a lovely pipe featuring a sandblasted finish and a light stain that allows the natural briar to shine through. The acrylic stem features a wide, comfortable fishtail bit, while a flat patch on the bottom of the bowl allows the pipe to sit upright on its own. The flat rim features some lovely cross-grain and shows just a hint of darkening at the rear of the chamber. This beautiful Castello Old Antiquari KKKK measures 5-3/4 inches long with a 2 inch tall by 1-1/2 inch wide bowl. Chamber bore is 13/16ths of an inch in diameter and 1-3/4 inches deep.


Parker Super Bruyere 98 Foursquare

This Parker Super Bruyere Foursquare, made after the Parker-Hardcastle merger in 1967, is a lovely example of the brand which began as a Dunhill seconds line but has stood on its own since the 1950s. The briar shows an interesting mix of flame grain, tiger stripe and birdseye, and the original stem fits snugly. Pipe shows a few small handling marks, and the thermofoil stem logo has worn off. Pipe is stamped "Parker Super Bruyere" and "98" on the left shank and "Made in London" over "England" and a "4" in a circle on the right shank. There is no date stamp. Pipe measures 5-1/2" long by 1-5/8" tall by 1-1/4" wide. Chamber bore is 3/4" in diameter by 1-1/4" deep.


Danmore 531 Oval Shank Volcano

Made in Denmark in the 1970s by Hans Sørensen's Danmore pipe company, this pipe features a straight oval shank, wide saddle stem and a steeply sloped Volcano shaped bowl, all set against a gently sandblasted finish. Stamps on the underside of the shank include the shape number, "531", and "Danmore" over "Made in Denmark". The stem carries the company's lowercase "d" logo. Cleaned, sanitized and ready to enjoy. A quality Danish pipe at a great price!


G. Larsen Old Briar 101 Tankard Made in Norway

I don't see many Norwegian-made estate pipes here in Ontario, and this is a classic beauty! Made by G. Larsens Pipefabrik in Lillehammer, Norway, this pipe is stamped "G. Larsen" over "Old Briar" on the left flank and "Made in Norway" on the right flank. A shape number, "101" is stamped on the underside. The stummel is in excellent condition, without apparent fills or flaws. The vulcanite stem is a well-fitted replacement.


English-Made Army Mount Billiard

The only mark on this sandblasted billiard is "Made in London" over "England" on the bottom of the shank. The nickel shank cap is an aftermarket replacement and the stem is a new but vintage Vulcanite stem with orific (round opening) bit. Some signs of use, including a bit of wear to the front rim and a small dent on the shank cap. Pipe has been cleaned, deodorized and restored and is ready to enjoy.


John’s Natural 532 Square Shank Globe

This is another beautiful briar made for John's Pipe Shop by Comoy's, this time at the French factory in St Claude. The stummel is cut from a lovely piece of briar, without fills or flaws. The original Vulcanite stem has had tooth dents repaired, and the edges of stem and shank aren't as sharp as they used to be but the pipe is ready to enjoy and is a great way to add a vintage Comoy to the rack for less!


Yello-Bole Standard Hexagonal Billiard

This elegant smaller pipe is a bit of a mystery - the pipe is stamped with two shape numbers, "92" and "53". Shape 92 in the Kaywoodie shape chart corresponds to our Hexagonal Billiard shape, while Shape 53 indicates a bulldog of some sort, which is clearly not the case here. Regardless of stamping, this is a nice, smaller pipe for those looking for a short smoke. Pipe measures 5-1/2" long with a 5/8"W x 1-1/8"D chamber. This one came to me with a cracked shank and broken tenon; it now sports a shiny nickel shank band and a Delrin tenon in the original vulcanite stem.


Scantic Denmark 401 Billiard – SOLD

Ronson 3-Way Metal Pipe, Billiard Bowl – SOLD