Pipe Inventory

The items listed here are mainly pipes I’ve restored for the blog, though some are from my personal collection. Unless otherwise stated, all are clean, restored and ready to enjoy.

When these pipes are gone, they’re gone, so if something catches your eye, please contact me to claim your pipe. Payment can be made via Paypal (worldwide) or by e-transfer (within Canada only).

Please Note: Shipping cost is NOT included in the prices below. Please contact me for a quote. I ship worldwide at actual cost via Canada Post. Insurance is available at buyer’s discretion.

Available Pipes & Accessories

Custom Pipe Rack Kits

PLEASE NOTE – Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the availability of raw materials for pipe racks is not guaranteed. I am suspending the sale of rack kits until after the world returns to whatever normal looks like after the Virus.

Preorder of pipe rack kits is possible. Please contact me to discuss options.

After making myself a 48-pipe rack to house my own growing collection, I have decided to make these unfinished rack kits available to everyone. Made from your choice of Poplar or Oak, these pipe racks come in several stock sizes including 7, 12, 24, 36 and 48 spaces and are wider than vintage racks to fit today’s larger pipes. Custom sizes and configurations are available too; please contact me for details. Pricing starts at less than $18CAD!

Estate Pipes

No Name Rusticated Billiard – $35CAD

This English-made straight Billiard began its life as a basket pipe stamped simply “London Made”. Though well drilled and of better than average quality, the pipe was marred by two large fills in the bowl.

I have completely re-imagined the pipe with a combination of rusticated and smooth finishes in a classic black over red stain. Now the smoking qualities of this old briar are reflected in its outward presentation.

Danmore 531 Oval Shank Volcano – $45CAD

Made in Denmark in the 1970s by Hans Sørensen’s Danmore pipe company, this pipe features a straight oval shank, wide saddle stem and a steeply sloped Volcano shaped bowl, all set against a gently sandblasted finish.

Stramps on the underside of the shank include the shape number, “531”, and “Danmore” over “Made in Denmark”. The stem carries the company’s lowercase “d” logo.

Cleaned, sanitized and ready to enjoy. A quality Danish pipe at a great price!

G. Larsen Old Briar 101 Tankard Made in Norway – $55CAD

I don’t see many Norwegian-made estate pipes here in Ontario, and this is a classic beauty!

Made by G. Larsens Pipefabrik in Lillehammer, Norway, this pipe is stamped “G. Larsen” over “Old Briar” on the left flank and “Made in Norway” on the right flank. A shape number, “101” is stamped on the underside.

The stummel is in excellent condition, without apparent fills or flaws. The vulcanite stem is a well-fitted replacement.

Fresh, clean and ready for a new piper to enjoy!

1960s Ronson 3-Way Metal Pipe with Billiard Bowl – $45CAD

The Ronson 3-Way meal pipe was introduced in the late 60s in response to the popularity of Falcon pipes. The name comes form the shank design, which requires the smoke to travel the length of the pipe three times before hitting the mouthpiece.

Cleaned, restored and ready to enjoy!

English-Made Army Mount Billiard – $30CAD

The only mark on this sandblasted billiard is “Made in London” over “England” on the bottom of the shank. The nickel shank cap is an aftermarket replacement and the stem is a new but vintage Vulcanite stem with orific (round opening) bit.

Some signs of use, including a bit of wear to the front rim and a small dent on the shank cap.

Pipe has been cleaned, deodorized and restored and is ready to enjoy.

John’s Natural 532 Square Shank Globe – $45CAD

This is another beautiful briar made for John’s Pipe Shop by Comoy’s, this time at the French factory in St Claude.

The stummel is cut from a lovely piece of briar, without fills or flaws. The original Vulcanite stem has had tooth dents repaired, and the edges of stem and shank aren’t as sharp as they used to be but the pipe is ready to enjoy and is a great way to add a vintage Comoy to the rack for less!

Yello-Bole Standard Hexagonal Billiard – $35CAD

This elegant smaller pipe is a bit of a mystery – the pipe is stamped with two shape numbers, “92” and “53”. Shape 92 in the Kaywoodie shape chart corresponds to our Hexagonal Billiard shape, while Shape 53 indicates a bulldog of some sort, which is clearly not the case here.
More interestingly, the Hex Billiard, according to the shape chart, was only produced in 1927, which contradicts the “Yello-Bole Standard” grade stamp, which was introduced in the 1950’s.

Regardless of stamping, this is a nice, smaller pipe for those looking for a short smoke. Pipe measures 5-1/2″ long with a 5/8″W x 1-1/8″D chamber.

This one came to me with a cracked shank and broken tenon; it now sports a shiny nickel shank band and a Delrin tenon in the original vulcanite stem.

Jobey Virgin Prime 345 Bent Pot Sitter – SOLD

1960s Ronson 3-Way Metal Pipe with Apple Bowl – SOLD

Brigham 354 1/4 Bent Large Pot, circa 1980s – SOLD

Earl’s Court Sterling Mount Prince – SOLD

1960s Brigham “Exclusive” 309 Straight Apple – SOLD

Mastercraft Fisherman Full Bent Calabash – SOLD

1980s Brigham 365 Bent Egg – SOLD

1930’s John’s Silver Mount 433 Dublin by Comoy’s – SOLD

Danish Sovereign 75M, an Ivarsson Design – SOLD

Peterson Kildare 01 SOLD

Harcourt B Freehand Tulip SOLD

Bewlay Reject 23 Billiard SOLD

Early 20th Century Grundel Special Canadian  SOLD

Dr Plumb Peacemaker Metal Pipe  with NOS Bowl SOLD

Danish Sovereign 86M (Ivarsson Designed)  SOLD

Early 20th Century Meerschaum & Bakelite Billiard SOLD