Petite Lady’s Head Figural Meerschaum – $45CAD

This petite Lady’s Head figural meerschaum pipe probably dates from the latter half of the 19th Century. Likely originally fitted with an amber stem, the pipe now sports a vulcanite replacement stem that fits well on the bone screw tenon. A new brass shank cap/band was installed to protect the delicate meerschaum shank.

Though the case has seen better days, it still provides good protection for the pipe, which has been cleaned, restored and waxed to bring out that sought-after coloration.

This is a small pipe, measuring just 3-1/4″ long with a shank diameter of just a hair over 1/4″. The bowl stands 1-1/2″ tall by 7/8″ wide. The chamber bore is approximately 5/8″ in diameter.