Estate Pipe Grab Bag for Restoration – $40CAD

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at estate pipe restoration, these Grab Bags are the perfect way to get started!

Each bag comes with five (5) randomly selected estate pipes in good to fair used condition, ready for the amateur restorer to tackle at home. Some need only a basic Ream, Clean & Polish, while other may require more advanced restoration, including stem deoxidation, dent removal, etc.

Pipes in these Grab Bags have been visually inspected and should be free of major structural issues, though hidden flaws (like heat damage inside the chamber or over-reaming) may surface during restoration. Many are basket-grade pipes, seconds brands or “drug store” pipes, though I try to include at least one better-quality piece in each bag.

Please Note: Grab Bags are Final Sale, in as-found condition.

Image above is a representation of the variety of pipes available. Each Grab Bag contains five (5) pipes.