Repair Services

I am happy to be able to provide pipe repair and refurbishment services as close as your mailbox.

Payment is easy using Paypal or direct bank-to-bank eTransfer. Your restored pipe will be safely packed and returned to you via insured and trackable service.

Services Offered:

  • Basic Cleaning – bowl reamed, shank and stem internals cleaned, exterior cleaned, buffed & waxed.
  • Stem Repair – including tooth chatter & minor tooth dents, deep dents, bite-throughs, button rebuilds and tenon replacement.
  • Stem Replacement – fitting and shaping a brand new stem to your pipe
  • Filter Conversion – change your non-filtered pipe to a 6mm or 9mm filter
  • Bowl & Shank repair – including pit/dent filling, rim topping, shank banding, crack pinning and burnout repair.
  • Bowl/Shank De-Ghosting/Deodorizing – removes the lingering smells and tastes of tobaccos past. Requires Basic Cleaning first.
  • Rustication – a full or partial rustication of pipe bowls & shanks. Great for hiding other repairs or simply changing the look of your pipe. Will require re-staining,
  • Complete pipe overhauls – from bowl to button, a complete refurbishment of your treasured pipe. Restore your pipe to near-new condition or refinish to suit your tastes.

As each estate pipe is unique, specific prices are not listed. You will get a custom quote after I have thoroughly examined the pipe. Please contact me for details. 


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