Castello Old Antiquari KKKK 1/8th Bent Billiard – $295.00CAD

I’ve labelled this hand-made Italian beauty as a 1/8th-Bent Billiard despite its somewhat unique shape. While the rear line of the bowl is straight, the front of the bowl is slightly concave, giving the pipe a hint of Dublin DNA. Whatever you call it, it’s a lovely pipe featuring a sandblasted finish and a light stain that allows the natural briar to shine through.

The acrylic stem features a wide, comfortable fishtail bit, while a flat patch on the bottom of the bowl allows the pipe to sit upright on its own. The flat rim features some lovely cross-grain and shows just a hint of darkening at the rear of the chamber.

This beautiful Castello Old Antiquari KKKK measures 5-3/4 inches long with a 2 inch tall by 1-1/2 inch wide bowl. Chamber bore is 13/16ths of an inch in diameter and 1-3/4 inches deep.