Castello “Castello” G Bent Billiard – $335.00CAD

The “Castello” line ranks right up there, second only to Castello’s Collection line in the Smooth pipes.

The G stamp indicates a Giant size, making this Bent Billiard a real handful of briar! The pipe measures a relatively standard 5-1/2 inches in length, but the bowl is a whopper at 2-1/4 inches tall and 1-1/2 inches wide. The chamber bore is 7/8 inches in diameter and just shy of 2 inches deep.

Despite its size, the pipe is nicely balanced in the hand and certainly has the capacity for a nice long, relaxing smoke. The briar is a rather pretty mix of cross-grain, quilting and a touch of Birdseye in a handsome natural finish. The acrylic stem will never oxidize or become bitter in the mouth and I quite like the Castello button, which is slightly concave on the end for comfort.