A Between-the-Wars K&P Irish Made Silver Mounted Bullcap 222 – $100CAD

Here is an interesting, and slightly enigmatic, piece of Peterson history.

The left shank of this Bullcap stummel is stamped “K&P” over “IRISH MADE”. The underside of the shank is marked “A PETERSON’S PRODUCT” over “MADE IN IRELAND”. The right shank carries a shape number, “222”. The shank band is marked “K&P” over a trio of hallmarks consisting of Hibernia, Harp, and a capital N, with serifs.

This Peterson shape is normally assigned the number 412, but on this piece the shape number is marked as “222”, a number that, according to Peterson experts, was never used. Similarly, according to Gary Malmberg, co-author with Mark Irwin of The Peterson Pipe, “An erect capitol N with serifs simply does not exist on our hallmark date chart.”

The consensus from the experts is that the pipe was made before 1937, somewhere between 1922 and the mid-1930s. The K&P over IRISH MADE stamp was used at that time for pipes sold in the store in Dublin but not for sale internationally and later was commonly used for all the army mount, non-System lines.

The bevel on the inner rim is not original (the result of charred briar) and there are a few light marks on the P-Lip stem, but given the pipe’s age, I think these are forgivable.

Pipe measures 6″ long overall from front of bowl to end of stem. Bowl stands approximately 1-1/8″ tall by 1-1/2″ wide with a chamber bore just over 3/4″ in diameter.