New Buffing Station Day!

Just a quick post to show off my new buffing station 😀

Up til now, I’ve been mounting buffing wheels in my drill press. This has worked out fairly well, as I can adjust the drive belt on the press to manage the RPMs of the spindle. It’s a fairly quick adjustment process, but a dirty one, as the belt and pulleys seem to manufacture their own grease and grime. It has also meant that I can only have one buffing wheel in use at any given time, which can become tedious. I have been considering upgrade options for  a while, and then  – serendipity! A convergence of motivations and a good sale.

The motivational convergence occurred between me and my wife. I wanted a new work area for pipe restorations and she wanted a warm indoor parking spot. Thus the current (and ongoing, but I can just barely see the light at the end of the tunnel) renovation of our garage to add insulation, sort out some wiring and tackle perennial storage issues. Just about as sweet a deal as I can get – making the Mrs happy while I do what I want anyway! 😉

The renovations are still in progress, but the sale flyers came in and I jumped at the chance. Here’s a pic of my new buffer setup.


The new rig consists of a variable speed 6″ bench grinder (run at its lowest speed of 2000 RPM), two motor arbour extensions and 4 buffing wheels. The two inside wheels closest to the motor are mounted on the stock drive shaft/spindles. The two outside wheels are mounted on 1/2″ motor arbours installed on the ends of the stock drive shafts.  There’s just shy of 4″ between the wheels on each shaft – I’d ideally like a bit more elbow room, but this setup worked pretty well on my tester pipe. I’m sure it will get tweaked as I go.

The first three wheels from left to right are dedicated to Red Tripoli, White Diamond, Carnauba Wax; the fourth wheel at the far right is a clean buff for final polishing.

For you fellow Canadian pipers out there, the grinder is on sale til next Thursday at Canadian Tire for $76CAD – nearly half price. The motor arbours came from CT as well for $10CAD each. Not a bad deal, and I don’t have to fuss with changing wheels until one wears out!

Happy piping!

EDIT: For those of you looking for shaft extensions, I’ve found 6″ long extensions available online from Caswell Plating serving Canada and US/Worldwide  customers.