1976 Blatter Bros Make Montreal Selected Freehand – $100CAD

The Blatter family has been making pipes by hand in Montreal since 1907, with a focus on quality over production numbers.

This lovely Selected grade Freehand pipe features 360-degree vertical grain, a Plateau rim and a bowl large enough to keep your favourite flake smoldering for an hour or more.

This pipe is stamped “Blatter Bros” over “Make” over “Montreal” over “Selected” on the left shank and “150-76” on the shank bottom, indicating that this piece was the 150th to come out of the Blatter workshop in 1976.

The stem is a Vulcanite replacement, which explains the missing Red Dot that usually marks a Blatter Selected grade pipe.

Pipe measures 5-1/2″ long overall. The bowl stands approximately 1-3/4″ tall by 1-5/8″ wide with a chamber bore of 1 inch in diameter.