1969 Group 4 Dunhill Tanshell K Quaint Apple – $100CAD

If you’ve been looking for an affordable way to add a classic Dunhill pipe to your collection and don’t mind a few scars from a half century of use, this Tanshell may just fit the bill!

I originally restored this Quaint Apple back in 2016 and it has been in my personal collection since then. Most of the work then went into the stem, with repairs to the button and a new White Spot. Now refreshed again, it is waiting for its next pipe steward to claim it.

The stamps on the flat underside of the shank are worn, but still readable. The pipe is stamped “K”, the Dunhill shape code for an “Quaint Shape” Round Apple pipe, followed by “Dunhill” over “Tanshell”, then “Made In” over “England9”. Finally, near the end of the shank, the stummel is stamped with a “4” in a circle (indicating a Group 4 bowl size) followed by the letter “T” for Tanshell. The superscript underlined “9” at the end of “England” is the date code for 1969.

A lovely addition to any pipe lover’s rack, rotation or collection! Please see pictures for details.

Pipe measures 5-1/2″ long overall from front of bowl to end of stem. Bowl stands approximately 1-5/8″ tall by 1-3/8″ wide with a chamber bore of 3/4″ in diameter.